Logos Science - Physical Science Kit

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Physical Science Kit - $253.95

The Logos Science Physical Science Lab Kit offers real hands-on physical science experiments with a strong Christian emphasis. Developed with safety in mind, the kit offers a complete lab with virtually everything necessary to perform 34 physical science experiments. Using the microscale method, there is no need for fume hoods and other costly safety equipment. Student and environmental safety is high because of no concentrated acids or bases and the low quantities of actual chemical used (about 1/100th of the chemicals a typical lab would consume). Because the chemicals are premixed, the lab prep time and cleanup is minimal. The lab experiments are coordinated to work with most popular Christian texts.

The kit contains almost everything needed, including 11 Chemicals, 55 different types of equipment, 170-page manual, and Teacher's answer guide.

Physical science pictureExperiments :

  1. Scientific Investigation
  2. Separating Sand and Salt From a Mixture
  3. Metric Measurements
  4. Density
  5. Motion
  6. Newton's Second Law
  7. Friction
  8. Impulse and Momentum
  9. Energy
  10. Work and Power
  11. A Lever: A Simple Machine
  12. Pulleys
  13. Weight of a Car
  14. Buoyancy
  15. Thermal Energy and Diffusion
  16. Electrostatics
  17. Electrical Circuits
  18. Magnetism
  19. Waves
  20. Musical Instruments
  21. Visible Light Spectrum
  22. Plane Mirrors and Mirror Applications
  23. Convex Lenses
  24. Length of a Molecule and Avogadro's Number
  25. Nuclear Decay Simulation
  26. Percentage of Oxygen in Air
  27. Qualitative Analysis
  28. Chemical Reaction
  29. Electrolysis of Water
  30. Parts Per Million
  31. Solution Concentrates
  32. Freezing Point Depression
  33. Acids, Bases, and Indicators
  34. Comparing Antacids by Titration

Author Information:

Logos Science Physical Science was written by Dr. Frank Eshelman and Ken Schaefer.

Dr. Frank Eshelman is a retired engineering professor with 36 ½ years of teaching experience at both high school and college levels. He has a Ph.D. from Iowa State University in materials science and has been a consultant on many cases involving materials and/or product failure. His most recent teaching was as a visiting professor of chemistry and physics at Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada.

Ken Schaefer has taught high school physics for 37 years. He has also taught astronomy at the community college level. His education includes B.A. and M.A. degrees in physics education from the University of Northern Iowa. He is a writer/developer for the PRISMS project, a nationally acclaimed laboratory program and text book for high school physics.

Devotionals by Ken Schaefer with special thanks to Tim Olson for help with spiritual insights.