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About us

Logos Science, Inc. offers innovative, Christian based laboratory curricula and corresponding kits to enhance the science learning experience, improve success and aid teachers regardless of their teaching ability or science knowledge.

Laboratory experiments can be encumbering for both students and teachers. Choosing the "do-it-yourself" route can be time consuming and take excessive resources for preparation alone. The Logos Science products offer you a convenient and dependable alternative. Whether you are in a home school situation or if you are teaching in a more traditional school (perhaps without a laboratory), our kits can make science easy to teach and help you challenge and inspire your students.

From a teaching perspective, Logos Science's science laboratory kits bring you solid science with a Christian perspective. They are designed to amplify the non-laboratory curriculum component, simplify teaching, and empower the student while providing a subject related devotional. Every experiment and devotional was fastidiously created and written to clearly teach key scientific concepts.

From a practical perspective, Logos Science labs reduce preparation, failure risk, time investment and expense. All our labs are affordable, compact and durable. They contain virtually everything you need including manual, laboratory materials and equipment. You will only need to supply a few common items, a clean table, and enthusiasm to "dive in" and you will see our kits bring science to life.

Logos Science products are targeted for college preparatory-level learning. Every Logos Science product offers a detailed, well-structured, step-by-step manual. The Chemistry and Physical Science kits contain enough reagents and supplies to do each experiment 5 times. The Physics Kit, with careful handling, is nearly completely reusable, and for the Biology labs we offer a refill kit.

Logos Science labs offer these attributes:

Currently, the following laboratory kits are available, each with a detailed manual:

We are located outside Lake George, Colorado, at almost 9000 ft. elevation. Lake George is 35 miles west of Colorado Springs. Our telephone number is 719-302-5875