Logos Science - Earth Science Kit

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Earth Science Kit - $206.95

The Logos Science Earth Science Lab Kit offers real experiments with a strong Christian emphasis. Developed with safety in mind, the kit offers a complete lab with virtually everything necessary to perform the experiments. The manual is coordinated to work with most other popular Christian texts.

The kit contains almost everything needed. Contents include the 150 page manual, over 40 types of equipment, and 24 different types of rock and mineral samples.

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  1. Scientific Investigation
  2. Star Viewing 1
  3. Star Viewing 2
  4. Variation in Sunrise and Sunset Times
  5. Retrograde Motion of Mars
  6. Telescopes
  7. Counting the Visible Stars
  8. Diameter of the Sun
  9. Sunspots Cycles
  10. Planetary Orbits
  11. Orbit of Mercury
  12. Orbital Speeds
  13. Moon Viewing
  14. Moon Cycles
  15. Rotation of the Moon
  16. Greenhouse Effects
  17. Water in the Atmosphere
  18. Dew Point
  19. Air Variables
  20. Effects of Air Pressure Differences
  21. Observing Pressure Changes
  22. Preparing Weather Maps
  23. Earth's Density
  24. Carbon-14 Dating
  25. Properties of Minerals
  26. Determining the Specific Gravity of Minerals
  27. Rock Identification
  28. Earthquake Locations
  29. The Steepness of a Volcano
  30. Ocean Water, Salinity and Density
  31. Wave Depth, Wave Velocity and Tsunamis
  32. Glacial Dynamics

Author Information:

Logos Science Earth Science was written by Ken Schaefer.

Ken Schaefer has taught high school physics for 37 years. He has also taught astronomy at the community college level. His education includes B.A. and M.A. degrees in physics education from the University of Northern Iowa. He is a writer/developer for the PRISMS project, a nationally acclaimed laboratory program and text book for high school physics.